January 19, 2006

Waiting for s'mores...

Camp deer, © Dick Hooper
Photo-The above photo was taken by my husband when we were camping at Merand State Park on Orcas Island. He observed us from the edge of our camp for most of the evening. I think he was waiting for the s’mores…
Pakistan bombing- What do we think we’re doing?! Bombing other countries without their permission?! On top of that, they didn’t get the guy they were looking for. It seems we’re relying on intelligence for the information, and everyone knows how we stink at that. Whoops!
Someone in the White House said that there are no boundaries in the war on terrorism. I say there are reasons for laws respecting the boundaries of other countries. The phrase, “Turn about is fair play” comes to mind—maybe Pakistan or some other country, without warning, will bomb us next*.
This administration has not made us safer, as promised. What they have done is put us in more jeopardy than before.
*I know we’ve already been bombed several times, but it wasn’t by a country. For all of Bin Laden’s ego, he is not a country. He is just a desert thug wearing a dingy sheet. I’m convinced that the only reason we haven’t caught him is because we don’t want to. If he starting singing, I imagine the White House would start sweating! Remember, he used to be on our side. He knows more secrets than your husband’s ex-wife…
On my DVD player- The War of the Worlds-This script was beneath Steven Spielberg’s talents from the get-go. Having Tom Cruise as the main protagonist didn’t help the project. At any moment, I thought he might jump the couch.
Hollywood- Calling Hollywood! There’s no need to keep rehashing old scripts, I know of some books that would make wonderful movies (just a couple of them are mine). Email me, and we’ll talk!

Quote du jour:
“Corruption of the best is the worst.” The West Wing

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