January 20, 2006

Plantin' peas in the basement...

Rusty nail in Alaskan goldfields © Janelle Meraz Hooper

Rain-I guess Seattle missed breaking its record for rain by one day, but where I am, it’s closer to the mountains, and we had rain yesterday—so I guess it’s 30 and counting where I am.

I kid a lot about it, and so does everyone else. Yesterday, I sent out emails announcing that Noah’s Ark had just floated past my cherry tree. Let’s face it, after Katrina, there’s just no real urge to complain about a little rain in the basement. I do have to admit though, that some people here have lost their homes, or else they have enough mud in their basements to plant peas.

Those of us without view property, miles from the shoreline, are resting easier. It’s kind of like a modern version of The Three Pigs, isn’t it? The first little pig built his home right on the water, and it floated away…the second little pig built his house on the flood plain, and the mud came in and gobbled it up. The third little pig built his house high on a hill, and was warm and dry(—until the earthquake, ha!)

Pakistan- So far today we’ve left them alone. Those poor people. First, the earthquake destroys thousands of homes, then we go in and blow up the few that are left standing. I do have to say though that the “event” reminds me of something Oprah said once, “Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” STILL, it is WRONG to blow up someone’s country without an invitation. How ruuude!

Quote du jour:
“Never give the devil a ride—he’ll always want to drive.” unknown

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