January 07, 2006

It's easier for me to look back...

Just another boat, © JMH

In the water
I see the
playing at
life with the

1-07-06- I know, another boat. I’m almost out of them, I think. Well, actually there are more, but I’ve misplaced them.

Anti-smoking ads-They’ve got some really gross anti-smoking ads out now on television. I expect they’ll work. For myself, I’d never get past the sticker price on a pack of cigarettes. A week’s supply of cigarettes is more than enough for a new pair of shoes. Now, if we were talking about chocolate, I could go barefooted...

Indian beading exhibit- I went to see an Indian beading exhibit today. My times as a docent at the Anchorage Museum and the Washington State Historical Museum has embedded a since of history in my mind that makes it more comfortable to look back rather than forward. The quote today was gathered at this exhibit.

Quote du jour:

"When the Bumblebee flies into a house and buzzes near the women, he is asking them to make baskets quickly, because the berries will ripen soon." Indian saying, Washington State Historical Museum

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