April 14, 2012

Humorous, light romance for Kindle & Nook

The great guy Lily meets at her company's St. Patrick's Day party isn't rich but he isn't a leprechaun either, so he has that going for him...Kindle, Nook, $2.99

I had a lot of fun with this one. The main female character is the girl next door type and the guy she falls for (a jewelry designer) is a knock-out. I have two Jamaican characters that I think you'll really like and some characters that my senior readers will like. Who says romance is just for the young?

This is a very light romance that's a fun read. Suitable for all ages. Give it a try! You'll like it, I promise!

April 10, 2012

Kennedy Ng'ang'a, prolific artist from Kenya

Kennedy Ng'ang'a

Dear Readers. Normally, I bring you short stories from my writer friends. This time I'm bringing you something different: a video of the works of Kennedy Ng'ang'a from Mombosa, Kenya. Kennedy has been a quadriplegic for many years due to an accident. Meeting this courageous, prolific artist will bring a smile to your face; his vision of his beloved Africa is so beautiful. Enjoy! The link is: 

Below the video is a story about his life in Africa. It's very sobering to look at this young man's accomplishments even though he is confined to a wheelchair. This video and article is posted in a magazine called Transforming Today's World Magazine.