March 02, 2011

Doing The Thing!

© 2010 Dana E. Quade

What’s new? A Northwest author has a book out that I thought you’d enjoy taking a peek at…
This time…fall in love with yourself! Doing The Thing Dana Quade
  Have you ever been caught in water so strong that it has you in its grip? In the process of living, sometimes we feel trapped or even like we are going under. When this occurs, the tendency is to panic and struggle. The word and picture that comes to mind when this happens to me is riptide. The correct term for this phenomenon in nature is rip current. Riptide is used here because it may be more familiar. Using the image of a coastal riptide has helped me go from stuck and struggling to back in the flow.
  When we are in a riptide situation, we are inclined to fight it. To save ourselves, we need to do the opposite: relax and surrender to it. Expert advice for surviving a rip current says: don’t fight it, float, (which requires relaxing,) and ask for help if necessary. This may be hard to believe in times of trouble, but we are always in the flow of never-ending well-being. Our resistance to it keeps us from feeling it. This is the main reason for our pain--all of it: physical, emotional and spiritual.
“…engaging, inspirational, provocative and best of all, useful…”

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