May 28, 2007

Summer Is comin'!

A summer story from my Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories book...
Summer Spending

A few words to my high school readers…
Allll-right! Summer's comin'! Gonna PARTY! Gonna KICKBACK! Gonna slap some Coppertone!
Gonna sleep until the soaps come on, then drag into the kitchen, grab a can of pop, wrestle the remote control away from your little brother and just VEGGGG...
Sure sounds like a plan right now. After all, you're tired. Not only that, but you're so burned out from studying all winter that you can't even read the side of a box of cereal without getting a knot in your stomach.
Next, you're going to tell me that you haven't even THOUGHT about getting a JOB this summer. I can hear you telling me that, "Summer is too short anyway, and you want to savor every ray of sun that manages to survive it's voyage through the ozone layer..."
Sounds good to me! But the only trouble with short, hot summers is that, all too soon, they turn into long cold, dark winters. The only way that they can be colder or darker is if you're broke, and have to pass on some of life's little pleasures: like a really neat concert (you'll KNOW it was really neat because your friends who'll go will talk about it until you threaten to squirt mustard all over their souvenir tee-shirts). Or, maybe you'll crave a new CD, or a really hot sweatshirt that's so bright it'll make your chemistry teacher put on sunglasses. And don't forget, when it gets dark and cold, you're going to need some REAL food. You know, the snack kind your mom won't buy...there's probably some hidden right now under your bed!
Okay, so what it comes down to is two choices:
1. Work some this summer (I said SOME, let's not get crazy about this!) or
2. Work during the school year, when you're already stressed over studying for tests. You could even be forced by a lack of funds to work on prom night, homecoming, or (EEEK!) graduation!
Of course, you can decide not to work at all. In which case, you'll probably have to watch old Tex Ritter movies on the square box while everyone else in your group is at the latest Bruce Willis thriller.
Or, needless to say, if you've been born with a silver remote control in your hand, you can skip all this, PASS GO, pick up $200, and go straight to Ticketmaster! Not rich? You're going to need some MONEY!
If you're having trouble developing enthusiasm for working during your summer break, it might help to remember that you're young. You'll bounce back after a few day's rest when school is out. You don't NEED a WHOLE summer to "do nothing". The trouble is, by the time you get rested up, all the good jobs will be taken. The time to start looking is now!
Moreover, waaay before summer is over, you're going to long for the feel of a wooden desk cutting across your back. You're even going to start to miss that kid who always has a plastic pencil holder in his shirt pocket (HE'S the guy I always tried to sit behind in math classes!). You MIGHT even start to miss the school lunches (welll...probably not!).
Just think how much more bearable winter will be with a little money in your pocket. And think of the extra time you'll have to finish that killer term paper! When it's over, you'll have some funds to kickback and take in a movie and a pizza! Wow! Extra money, better grades, and more school activities...all it'll take is one itty-bitty summer job!

Quote du jour:
Ride the horse the direction it's going." Pat Finley

May 15, 2007

Green is back!

5-15-07-An email sent to me by a friend—he took this photo of a woman he spotted reading my book at a Fourth of July picnic. What a kick it was to get this! I guess it doesn't take much to thrill a writer.

Green- Remember when green was a color in a Crayola box? After that, people could be described as green with envy. Remember Mean Joe Green? Now, the new color is green. Green as in trees. Green as in clean air. Green as in environmental green. ‘Bout time. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Custer and His Naked Ladies- Still waiting on an agent or publisher.

Living on a Rocky Beach…Surviving Arthritis-A CD text project that may be too scary to publish. Remember. Folks, this is not the normal arthritis scenario. Some of us just excel in areas that should be left alone. Not only that, but this very small book would make a terrible movie!

"I'm a comedian...but in my spare time, things bother me." Gary Shandling, courtesy of Bill Mahrer's Real Time