May 15, 2007

Green is back!

5-15-07-An email sent to me by a friend—he took this photo of a woman he spotted reading my book at a Fourth of July picnic. What a kick it was to get this! I guess it doesn't take much to thrill a writer.

Green- Remember when green was a color in a Crayola box? After that, people could be described as green with envy. Remember Mean Joe Green? Now, the new color is green. Green as in trees. Green as in clean air. Green as in environmental green. ‘Bout time. Let’s hope it’s not too late.

Custer and His Naked Ladies- Still waiting on an agent or publisher.

Living on a Rocky Beach…Surviving Arthritis-A CD text project that may be too scary to publish. Remember. Folks, this is not the normal arthritis scenario. Some of us just excel in areas that should be left alone. Not only that, but this very small book would make a terrible movie!

"I'm a comedian...but in my spare time, things bother me." Gary Shandling, courtesy of Bill Mahrer's Real Time

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