April 10, 2007

Imus needs to be slapped!

Mariner's spring training, Peoria
4-10-07- Photo: I call this research…
Imus-The comment by Imus about the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team offended me in so many ways, but it also triggered a childhood memory: whenever the men in our community decided to divorce their wife, she suddenly became a whore. Even more fascinating, their friends would back them up, and parrot the lies all over town as if they were God’s honest truth. I don’t know if this was just a Southern thing, or if other men in the Northern states used the same justification for leaving the wife and kids. What about men in other parts of the world? Did they do the same thing? Maybe so. I’ve decided that this ritual occurs because it is the most hurtful thing an angry man can say to a woman. If this is true, then what made Imus so angry with a women’s basketball team—none of which he’d never met? By the way, it’s called a women’s basketball team, but these girls are ages 17-22 years.
Somebody needs to be slapped!
Quote du jour:
Say it loud: “I’m black and I’m proud.” (song) James Brown

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david said...

Imus' comment is like $4 per gallon gas.We all are outraged,until the next volley.He makes $8 million a year slinging his words,that's backed by powerful sponsors until now.The girls at Rutgers would not even have known of him or have been hurt by him if it were not for the concentrated effort of black leaders trying to make ink marks on their own careers.As for men slinging ill words about their former lovers,we are just pigs,some of us have come to terms with that fact.I apologiize for the ones who will not do so.