May 23, 2008

Ohhhhhh, Hillary!


Ohhhhhhhh, Hillary! You're not ready for prime time. You never, never, touch the third rail. Go home!

May 08, 2008

Mr. Sadman

Rudy Ramos on set for Mr. Sadman

The above photo is of my cousin, Rudy Ramos, and the links are to a trailer to his new movie, Mr. Sadman. Check it out!

Politics- I've been so disgusted by Hillary Clinton's lies that I've thrown myself into my new book, Bears in Hibiscus, a humorous romance about a Montana Park Ranger who falls in love with his ex-sister-in-law on a beach in Hawaii. I've spent so many hours avoiding the reality of the state of politics in this country that I'm already into rewrites. This may be the fastest book I've ever written. Thanks, Hillary (I don't mean it, I'm just being polite).

A friend saw a post I made to The New Haven Advocate in Connecticut about Bill and Hillary being Tater Tots when what this country needs is Idaho Bakers. It was a version of a post I'd made on this site referring to all of the candidates (except Obama). The comment was longer, but they went for the humor and just printed the last line. That was fine, but my friends, not accustomed to editing, were surprised because they were used to me being a lot more long-winded.

But let's not talk about politics, the subject is really beginning to sicken me.

On my TV-I hope you all got a chance to watch HBO's special (8 parts?) about John Adams. It was excellent. Also: the debates (cringe) and baseball (another cringe, if you're a Mariner fan, as I am).

On my bed table-I've been reading Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen, a wonderfully written book that is set at a circus (so far). Unfortunately, I've discovered I'm really not into circus people, or their history. But that's just me. I think you'd love it. Since I last posted, I've read The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith (loved it), and Dirty Martini by J. A. Konrath (a great summer read). I've also been re-reading a couple of the classics to refresh my memory. Did you know that the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland (E. B. White) never actually said, "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date"? While we're on the subject, Scarlett's maid* (Gone With the Wind) never said, "I doan know nothin' about birthin' no babies, Miz Scarlett," ? What she said was, "I doan know nothun' about bringin' no babies, Miz Scarlett." Thank you, Hollywood. I don't have the books here to check details, but you get the idea. *I can't remember her name and can't reach the book to check it.

Custer and His Naked Ladies-It's making the rounds. Have ya read it yet? Read sample chapters of all of my books:

Author's green project-I'm thinking of making one of my new novels into an eBook that would be marketed on my site. All of my books are in print format and in eBook, but this one would never go to print. It would be sort of a valentine to Planet Earth. I'm researching it...

quote du jour-

"You can't see the window from under your bed." (song, Ryan Adams, The Cardinals)