January 14, 2012

Thank you Amazon Prime...I'm reading the winter away!


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Boogie, Boots & Cherry Pie
Janelle Meraz Hooper
When the great guy Lily meets at a party takes her home he discovers she lives at the Zoo, an apartment building that caters to exotic pet owners. But one of the creatures is missing, and when Mike drops her off, the first thing he sees is a sign on the front door:
Please don’t let out the snake!
Is this the beginning of a great romance or just the beginning of a great snake hunt? Tension rises when Boogie, the snake, stalks Boots, the Jamaican landlady’s pet iguana.
Boogie, Boots, & Cherry Pie, a light romance, written by award-winning author Janelle Meraz Hooper. Set in the Northwest. $2.99 on Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook, and others.

Note to readers: This is a very light romance. I am not a formula writer. I treat each story with the style it requires. That's why, if you don't like one book, you might try another! On the homepage of my website you can read a little about each book and decide which one you think will be best for you.


What’s new?-
On my bed table- The Melagro Beanfield Wars by John Nichols. I saw the movie years ago and am just getting around to reading the book. If you haven’t seen the movie, get it! It’s one of my favorites.
On my coffee table- Birds in the Thicket by Gerry Bradley. Gerry’s life story of his battle with a bi-polar condition is inspiring. Most of us stumble when we dent our fender. Nothing has stopped Gerry! I’m a softie, so at times it is hard to read, but if you know someone who is bi-polar, it’s an informative read.
On my Kindle-(Are you beginning to see a pattern here?) The Paris Wife: A Novel by Paula McLain. This book is new so the price is higher—I think it was $12.99—but I wanted to read it now. It’s about Ernest Hemingway’s wife and her life with the author in Paris after the war. James Joyce, George Sand, Picasso, and more, were all in Paris after the war so it’s a delicious read if you like art and books.
I don't know about you, but I don't mind paying more for a timely book and the convenience of having it delivered to my Kindle in minutes. I'm not sure where the notion started that all books should be .99-cents. You get what you pay for. That said, some of the .99-cents I've purchased have been very good!
What else?- Not much, I guess.
   Oh! I’m closing in on finishing my one-man show on Geronimo and writing a short blog on myths and legends of Puget Sound for a friend, Lisa Vandiver. I’ll let you know when it’s posted.
   I’ve done an interview for a writer that hasn’t sold yet—I’m pretty sure I got it because I was the only author who answered the phone on New Year’s Eve.
HBO’s Classical Baby-I’ve given up locating this three-part series on Infinity. I’m going to order my DVD on Amazon.
   And I’ve coerced a friend and artist, Sherri Bails, into providing the artwork for a small collection of children’s stories that will be on Kindle. I haven’t decided upon a title yet.
   I’d better get back to work so I can pick a free book to read from Amazon Prime's list.  No time to edit! Send all complaints to my email:
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