January 12, 2006

A moon gone missing...

Dock picture. © Janelle Meraz Hooper
1-12-06- Okay, don’t think of it as boats—think of it as a picture of a dock.
Rain- We are now entering our 25th day of rain. Basements are flooding. Rivers overflowing.
The rain can really be hard on people from the Southwest. I can remember when my mother and I first moved to Tacoma in 1962. It was winter, and it had rained for 21 days. One day, she came trance-like into the living room and announced in a hollow voice that she not only hadn’t seen the sun, but she hadn’t seen the moon for 21 days. I knew then she wouldn't be here long. She didn't know I was crawling out my bedroom window at nights to play in the fog with the other kids in the neighborhood. I loved the fog. I loved the rain!
That’s just the Northwest. So, bring it on. If we can’t stop the leak in the basement, I’ll buy some fish and one of those little treasure chests that has a lid that goes up and down.
Quote du jour:
Writing is easy. All you do is stare at a piece of paper until drops of blood forms on your forehead.” Gene Fowler
(Isn't this silly? Writing is like anything else people do for a living. There's no need to get so dramatic!)

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