January 04, 2006

Angel, Antie Roe, Vroom!, and Tic-Toc--oh, my!

Dinghy, © Janelle Meraz Hooper

1-05-06- If you have a camera and live near Puget Sound, you’re gonna have a lot of boat shots. This is one of many of my reflection shots. I think they’re out of my system now, but I still have a lot I haven’t used. Next, I’ll probably start taking shots of shadows. And film—I’m really getting into film, but you won’t be able to see it here.

Turtle trivia-Turtles have extraordinary anaerobic capacity—they have survived up to 33 hours in a pure nitrogen atmosphere…most reptiles cannot survive much more than 30 minutes without oxygen.” Cecil Adams, The Straight Dope

First lines-
The Getaway

Three old friends sat in a new, upscale Chinese restaurant and patiently sipped red plum wine while they checked their watches. During their long friendship, they’d given each other names that fit them much better than the names they’d started out in life with:
Pattie became Angel—because she sang like one,
Judith became Antie Roe—because of her feeling about abortions,
Catherine became Vroom! —because her glove box was filled with parking tickets, and
Maria was called Tic-Toc—because she was always late.
Angel leaned over to look at Antie Roe’s watch and asked, “What time do you have?”
“She’s almost fifteen minutes late.” Anti Roe answered.
“Ladies, take out your dollars.” Vrooom! said. “What’s it to be this time?”
“My money is on ‘My dog got out.’” Guessed Anti Roe.
“Put this buck on ‘I’m having a bad-hair day,’” Guessed Vroom! As she tossed her dollar in the middle of the table. An excerpt from The Getaway, Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories, Janelle Meraz Hooper

Quote du jour:
“You shouldn’t complain about aging for the simple reason that nobody gives a hoot.” Garrison Keillor, AARP Bulletin

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