January 06, 2006

The Lou, Yves, and Elvis Heavenly Trio

Raindeck,© Janelle Meraz Hooper 2006

1-06-06-It’s still raining here. Can a goose drown? The one in my planter is starting to buckle. They tell us that the Hawaiian Pineapple Express is merging with storms from the north, giving us a double whammy. Out of respect for the sufferers of Katrina and the Pakistan earthquake, I’m not complaining. However, I have to admit that I’ve received several desperate emails from my fellow writers. Of course, some people think we writers are prone to depression anyway (I guess they’ve never read Erma Bombeck).
Research-My dampened mood is exacerbated by my confusion over my research. "I’m a bear of very little brain," (Pooh), and I’m having trouble deciding which research on the Permian Sea to believe. One scientist says the area I’m writing about was covered by shallow seas in prehistoric times, and another says it wasn’t. I’m still looking for answers.
Pat Robertson- Radicals in any religion are a bad thing. Pat Robertson has proved that. He’s the one example I can think of this morning as an argument against free speech.

Lou Rawls- We lost Lou Rawls today. The singer had a voice and music style that was unique. If I had to describe it, I would say it’s truly a Las Vegas sound. I’m using the present tense because his music will live on. For a distinctive sound, I put him in the same category as France’s Yves Montand. Do ya suppose that Lou, Yves, and Elvis will get together in heaven and form a trio? I’d like to hear that!

Quote du jour:
"Writing is licensed curiosity." Lesley Hazelton

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