January 02, 2006

Spread your wings!

Alaskan fishing floats, © Janelle Meraz Hooper

1-02-06-I loved the Rose Parade. I wish we could send it all over the world to show everyone that we do something besides make war…

Resolutions-Oh, yeah. I forgot. I’m such a mess already, and at my age, it’s probably too late to see any impressive results. The one thing I want to do is get an email pen pal in France. I figure that would be a fun way to improve my foreign language skills. And I want to organize the glass vases underneath my bathroom sink. There goes 5 minutes right there...maybe I should forget the whole thing and just finish Custer and the other two novels I’ve started.
POD-I see on the Internet that more and more writers of substance are publishing through POD (Publish On Demand) companies and the mainstream publishers are starting to sweat. Good. This business needs a breath of fresh air!
Have you read a POD or self-published book? If not, why not?
Do you have any original art in your home?
Any movies produced and distributed independently? (Movies like these are shown at Sundance and Cannes)
How about music CDs? Have any independent CDs of your favorite musicians?
Hand-thrown pottery? Sculptures? Handmade Furniture?
I’m betting you do. So why on earth are you still reading the same commercial stuff on the front tables of major bookstores? Spread your wings!
Bud-Bud is going in soon to get a nose job. Nothing drastic, but he needs an orange nose for Christmas. He doesn’t believe in radical surgery, so the new nose will be attached by an elastic band during the winter season.
A good read: Val Dumond and Babe Lehrer's Mush On And Smile, a historical novel about Klondike Kate, Queen of the Yukon after she left Alaska and moved to Oregon. Aging and faced with a new love, she meets her 20-year-old self in the surreal Oregon high desert, where the past catches up with the present. 290 pages, $19.95, Muddy Puddle Press.

Quote du jour:
"Leave your imprint in the right sand," Dennis Stovall, Blue Moon Press

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