January 03, 2006

R-rated turtle trivia...

Tacoma mud, © Janelle Meraz Hooper
1-03-06-Today's photo is in honor of our rain. It always rains a lot here in the winter, after all, the West coast of Washington is a rain forest, but this week, even the slugs are wearing little snorkels.
06-How many days does it take you before you write the correct year on your checks? I’m so bad I have to pre-write in the year for the first five checks. Sometimes, in the middle of summer, my mind will flash back to the year before. Maybe I should just carry cash…or one of those debit cards my bank keeps sending me. How many flu germs do you suppose are creepily clinging to those keyboards by the check register? In case I forget my own pen, I carry a can of germ-killer to spray the store pen with. Sometimes, I spray the person at the cash register—can’t be too cautious.
Ole Trigger-Ole Trigger, my computer, is having a devil of a time keeping up with my Internet research. The cables for faster speed are just a few blocks away, and I’m checking on their progress daily. Yesterday, I was doing research on Jurassic Oklahoma, and I was beginning to feel like a fossil myself. In addition to my research, I run four web sites and have to coordinate with a fifth that is slow itself. Augh!

A good read-Dancing to War by Elfi Hornby, autobiography. At fifteen, Elfi signed onto the Molkow Ballet as an apprentice—just before Hitler sent the troupe to the Russian front! Here’s a story for Spielburg!

Turtle trivia-Some turtles can breathe through their—uh—how do I put this? Turtles can breath through their…oh, heck. Some turtles can breathe through their butts. There.

Quote du jour:
“Show me a sane man and I can cure him.” unknown

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