January 04, 2006

Rose Rocks in Guthrie, Oklahoma

Shack at Alaska gold mines, © Janelle Meraz Hooper

1-04-06-The day we visited the gold fields in Alaska, the land was so moist it was saturated with green and even the gray sky had a green tinge to it. From near this shack, the gold miners arose every morning from barracks and climbed a steep, treacherous, mountain trail to get to the mine. No matter the weather.

On my TV-I’m mesmerized by the setting of the new house on HGTV. The home itself is obscenely beautiful, but the setting in North Carolina by Asheville is what captures my heart. If my windows looked out onto that lushness, I’d never get any work done. As it is, I’m too easily distracted by nature, and have always done my work facing a blank wall.

Research-I’m taking the rest of the day off to research Jurassic Oklahoma. One of the grass fires recently was in Guthrie, Oklahoma. One of the few places in the world (if not the only place) where rose rocks are found. They were formed when the Permian Sea drained through the sandstone. You’ve seen them in tourist shops. They are pinkish, sandy rocks that look like roses…When I was a kid, my cousin and I found a whole pile of them near Guthrie. I hope the grass fires didn’t damage them!

Quote du jour:
"Computers are built wrong, there's no neck to strangle". Anonymous

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