December 04, 2005

There are no snowmen in Pakistan...

Moose photo by Dick Hooper © 2000
Pakistan-The children in my neighborhood are making snowmen. They've got a lot of snow in the mountains of Pakistan, too, but they're not playing in it. Their tragedy is on my mind this afternoon as I watch the deer in our pasture step daintily through the white powder. They’re not at all bothered by the neighbor’s chickens who have left the parameters of their snow covered pen to seek a tasty snack under the branches of my big Douglas fir, which shelters the ground beneath it. The dirt is flying out there!

From what I read, everyone is working as fast as they can in the mountains of Pakistan. If only Mother Nature could back off awhile, and let the aid workers get ahead…
Of course, they could use some more help. Please send your checks to the charity of your choice. Hurricaines, earthquakes, and other disasters can happen to us too, you know. Then it could be our families in the snow.

Do we have a world disaster plan? We should. Strangely enough, I got an idea about how to design lightweight, affordable shelters from an Ikea ad! I may send it to them—you know the Swedes are some of the world’s finest designers. Of course, they're probably not taking suggestions from novelists! But, if we could all get together, maybe we could do better, faster whenever these “events” occur.
On my DVD player: Frequency, with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel--entertaining movie, if you can accept Northern lights in New York City!
On my bed table: I'm still reading The Drifters by Tonya Holmes Shook. I'm fascinated to read about a group of people--the Melungeons of Kentucky--who I never knew existed.
Quote du jour:
"Matsu pushed me toward the shrine, then placed my hands out in front so I could clap as he had done. 'You must let the gods know you're here.' Matsu whispered." The Samurai's Garden, Gail Tsukiyama

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