December 27, 2005

Back to work!

My three-turtle summer, Ft. Sill Oklahoma
© Grace Gloar, 1949
Back to work-
It’s been fun getting back to work today. I still have a refrigerator full of Christmas leftovers, and I plan to eat my way through some of the final edits to Custer and His Naked Ladies. I imagine I’ll get about two CPP (cookies per page), tee-hee!
A Three-Turtle Summer-
“…It took just one drop of the wrong blood color to shut doors to nightclubs, country clubs, and even some churches. Tired to trying to explain their heritage to people who already had their minds made up, Grace and her family had given up years ago. They were Mexican. Period. Take it or leave it.” Excerpt from A Three-Turtle Summer, by Janelle Meraz Hooper.
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Quote du jour:
"Don't rewrite what I write."- Beatty in the movie Reds

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