December 16, 2005

The Magic of Christmas

- This week at least a part of the Magic of Christmas was the arrival of a Christmas gift I'd ordered that I thought would ever get here until Easter. I take back all the un-Christmas things I said.

Toys-for-Tots-I have a philosophy for giving toys at Christmas. I give dolls because I believe that children who play with and love dolls grow up and become good parents. That's not to say that's all they should get. I'm sure other adults are more comfortable with the techie toys (that will always baffle me), and sometimes, nothing can beat a big yellow truck. But I'll stick to dolls--heaven knows that we need all the good parents we can get.

Whatcha readin'? -If you'd like to share what you're reading, let me know.
On my bed table-I've been too busy to read.
On my DVD machine- Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Have we lost our minds??? This movie is nothing more than excessive violence, only in a good neighborhod.
Quotes du jour:
"It's Out of Africa meets Pretty Woman."- writer pitching idea in The Player
“I’m falling in something, this time, I hope it’s love.” Pearl Bailey

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