December 15, 2005

Christmas in the Antique District

December 15, 2005
First lines:

Christmas in the Antique District
Sandie opened the door to the basement closet of the antique store to get the artificial tree her boss had sent her after--and quickly shut it again. The tree was covered with rat droppings and, although the closet was dark at the back, she could hear movement that she was pretty sure wasn't reindeer.
Oh, Lordy! What am I going to do? Sandie thought. She needed her job, but her mind and body both rebelled at going anywhere near that disease-infested tree.
An excerpt from A Christmas in the Antique District, a short story in Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories by Janelle Meraz Hooper.
At home-Boy, was I dumb! I actually believed that salesperson who promised me that my order of a very special Christmas present would be delivered by Christmas. I got an email yesterday that said it had just shipped! There is no way it'll make it to the West coast from the East coast by the 25th! Now, what do I do? I ordered the present on Monday-- I expected them to ship on Tuesday. I know...I was late, but it's been that kind of year.
Custer and His Naked Ladies-the third novel in my turtle trilogy is coming right along. Actually, it's finished, except for the final edit. I have to get some help with the Spanish phrases because I took two years of French in high school instead of Spanish. Since I'm Hispanic, how dumb was that?!
Merry Christmas-I am very confused by both sides on the Merry Christmas issue. One side wants me to boycott the stores that say Happy Holidays in their ads. For one thing, there is no place else to shop! They're all doing it! If I skip Christmas and presents, will that make loving Christians out of my grandchildren? I don't think so!
The other side, the merchants, insist on being politically correct to the point of lunacy. Who do they think buys Christmas presents anyway, Muslims? Buddhists? Hindus?
Finally, exactly who is it that is complaining? My Jewish friends and I have exchanged greetings both ways for years, and I've never been offended by "Happy Hanukkah," and they've never been upset to hear "Merry Christmas." During Ramadan, I wouldn't be reticent at all to greet a muslim with "Happy Ramadan!" Just who is it that's making all the fuss?
Quote du jour:
Hepburn: "You never wrote."
Connery: "I don't know how."- the movie Robin and Marion

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