December 20, 2005

The Natives Decked the Tree

12-19-05- It's a good day to curl up with the cat of your choice and read a book...above art: JMH, copyrighted, etc. I always feel so silly adding tags to my art and photos--I don't really think there's any danger of anyone else wanting to use them! Ha!

Journal entries-
"The day before Christmas the natives decked the tree with their gifts for each other--sealskin for boots in pieces bleached white as vellum, walrus meat and seal liver, a few gun cartridges, a sumptous gift by the way, skeins of sinew thread and needles, flour and tea, wooden platters made of driftwood, pieces of ivory and whalebone, fur for mittens and braces of frozen birds."
An excerpt from Arctic Mood, a journal of a teacher (Eva Alvey Richards) who went to live and work in Alaska 1924-26.

HGTV- I almost had a heart attack yesterday. I tuned into a show that helped people organize their living spaces. The first thing they were told to do by the expert was get rid of their clutter--specifically their books! Yikes! My whole house is decorated in what I call Early Library, and that's the way I like it. Writers come to my house to do research. If I had to get rid of some clutter, I'd be willing to part with some of my, wait...
On my DVD player-I've been watching Seven Samurai, a classic film by Japanese director Akira Kurosawa. It's 3 hrs & 28 minutes long, so I may be watching it until Christmas Eve. The neat thing about old movies are the artifacts and costumes. I'm hooked!

On my bed table-I'm almost finished with The Drifters, by Tonya Holmes Shook, so I may have to crawl under the bed to find the book that I dropped weeks ago and haven't felt the need to go look for yet. The Drifters is a really good read. Maybe, I'll just read it again!
Quote du jour
"How am I supposed to write for a guy who doesn't have a head?" -Whoopi Goldberg in the movie Soapdish

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