February 08, 2006

Ya know what's missing here?

Montana fence, © Janelle Meraz Hooper
What’s this? It seems James Frey is not alone in his deceit. Now, it’s being murmured that the “JT LeRoy” books on the life of a purported 25 year-old male prostitute were really written by Laura Albert, who is neither male or a prostitute. Add to the list the supposed great Navajo writer Nasdijj who, it turns out, is said to be a white Timothy Patrick Barrus.
Ya know what’s missing here? An apology from the arrogant and greedy publishers who packaged the lies and sold them as the truth. Realistically, it could be that waiting for such an apology would be about as useful as waiting for Barbara Bush to apologize for her comments about the Katrina victims. So I think I’ll sit this one out. Besides, I should stay off my feet--wearing a smirk this big could throw my balance off.
Opening lines-
“Are you still there?” Aggie asked as she picked up her slipper and beat the metal bed frame underneath the mattress. “Well, you’d better get out from under there and go home—wherever that is—I’ve got company coming and she’s going to need the bed.” Aggie leaned way over the edge of her mattress to peer at the woman who was stretched out underneath her bed. “And while you’re at it, take off those goofy red socks. It’s the middle of summer, for Christ’s sake!” Aggie and Her Surprise Visitor, a short story in Free Pecan Pie and Other Chick Stories by Janelle Meraz Hooper

Quote du jour:
"What I have written, I have written." Pontius Pilate

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