February 17, 2006

God must have been very amused...

Snoozin’ cat, © Janelle Meraz Hooper

2-17-06- The snoozin’ cat is one of my watercolors that isn’t impressive. Maybe it would be more so if the viewer knew it was painted while I was ill and flat on my back. To paraphrase Patti LaBelle, “I have arthritis, arthritis doesn’t have me!”
High winds today- Okay, listen up: we had winds so high that, at a nearby home, they uprooted a basketball pole and backboard, and threw the whole fixture into a fence. The fence lost. It wasn’t Katrina, but it’ll do.
LOL- A bad match: Most of you know that I’m in a wheelchair (thus the blog name: The Squeaky Wheels). Two nights ago, there was an urgent knocking at my front door. I went to the upstairs window and called down, “Who’s there?” No answer. More knocking, louder this time. Again I called, “Who’s there?” As I’m a very patient person, this went on much longer than it should have. Finally, the person at the door looked up to see me in the window and signaled that he was deaf. He signaled for me to come to the front door. I pointed to my wheelchair and shook my head. He insisted that I come down. I held up seven fingers and pointed towards my stairs. He held up a little card the size of a playing card—of course, I couldn’t read it. Finally, he became annoyed and gave me a hand signal that said, “I give up,” and moved on. No one saw this little scene except God, who must have been very amused. I still don't know what he was selling. I can imagine the man going home and telling his wife that he met a stupid woman at work who could only count to seven.
Dick Cheney-Our vice-president got lucky. The guy didn't die (thank God!). Do ya think that he'll ever go hunting with Dick again? Psst: Whoever convinced big men with heavy firearms that killing a defenseless, dumb quail was manly?
Writing tip- Good marketing is as important as good writing nowadays. The last writers event I went to, I wore black. Oh, it was a beautiful outfit, but I blended right into the shadows. Next time, I’ll wear orange—or at least red. You want to be seen from across the room at a book-signing.

Quote du Jour:
“The trouble with bucket seats is that not everybody has the same size bucket.” unknown

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