February 07, 2006

Who is designing our children's clothing?

Sleeping raccoon , © Janelle Meraz Hooper
2-07-06-Two raccoons slept all day Sunday in my big cherry tree. The picture above is no thing of beauty, but it does document the event. There’s only one critter in the picture—the photo with both of them was worse than this one.
Seattle lost the Super Bowl on Sunday. I coached them all I could with advice like, “Run faster!” “Get him!” and “Hold onto the ball!” but all of my worthwhile advice went unheeded. Well, at least the hot dogs were hot—we made them in our own kitchen.
Summer styles- Here we go again! The new clothing styles are arriving. Do you ever wonder what depraved minds design children’s and teen’s clothing? One of the ads this week had the word SWEET appliquéd right across the back end of a girl's pajama bottom. What’s that about? I’m starting a file of offensive clothing because I’ve seen lots more, but I’ve forgotten exactly what the messages were, and I don’t want to be unfair.
This is not a new problem. When I was raising a daughter, the swimsuits for teens were so skimpy that none of our young girls would wear them. Sympathetic lifeguards finally broke pool rules and let the girls wear tee-shirts over their swimwear.
Let me explain. I am not some right-wing fanatic who goes around labeling everything from music to television obscene. I guess I got lucky when I purchased my TV because it came with an off button. So did my radio, and I’ve put both buttons to good use.
The clothing issue concerns me because it is redefining and accelerating our children’s attitudes on sex and focusing on our children’s sexuality for profit. Shame!
Writer's tip-Do you have a popcorn file? I do! In it I enter bits and pieces of information that I have no use for now but may use later. Mine is so old it has multiple folders. One is labeled future book titles. I should live long enough to use all the title ideas!

Quote du jour:
“Happiness is a place between too little and too much.” Finnish proverb
Courtesy of Real Simple magazine

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