October 09, 2008

We're first in line!

And beyond! courtesy of Buzz Lightyear.

Moose and Goose are still at it. I'm wondering if I'll make it through another debate with the Great Snow Goose lying through his "patriotic" feathers.
During the last debate, I was yelling at the TV screen: "You dummie! You can't get health coverage for a family for $5,000 a year." How out of touch can he be? And THAT was before I learned he was going to tax that $5,000 before we ever got it. Have mercy. When he says Country First, he means we're first in line to get screwed.

By the way, has anyone seen Hill and Bill?

When this is all over, I'll be glad to get back to my regular blog. Remember when we used to talk about books? TV? DVDs?
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