October 16, 2008

Get the jam out, Momma!

Oh, dear! Well, McCain is getting closer. During the debate last night he said he wanted to give us a $5800 tax credit so we can go out and buy our own healthcare. That's $800 more than he offered us last time. Still, though, it's a long way from the $1200 or more most of us pay.
And did I hear him belittle "health reasons" for granting women's abortions? He said something like, "That can mean anything." But get the transcript and read it yourself. I'm afraid I'll barf on my keyboard.
I think it was a slip when he said he was sure any Supreme Court justice candidate who was qualified would not be in favor of Roe Vs. Wade. Again, check it out yourself. I am not a journalist. I just hear things.

I'm betting he's sorry he ever asked about Ayers. Never ask a question you don't already know the answer to...

Get out the jam, Momma. The man is toast!

This was the last debate, but if you haven't had enough, the complete transcripts can be found on http://www.mydebates.com/

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