October 27, 2008

8 Days! Vote!

8 Days?!

Can that be right? Hopefully, you're registered to vote. If not, please check and see if it's not too late.

My emails were close to 2,000 so, over the weekend, I had to delete most of them. I had kept all of the hate emails, lie-emails, and impending doom emails in case I needed them for this blog. As I looked at them, I was struck by one common denominator: the lack of intellect. People sent me the weirdest stuff! And they must have believed it because they copied everyone between me and Abe Lincoln. I would send people pieces written by constitutional experts, newspaper editors from our largest newspapers, excerpts from learned professors, etc. And what did I get back? Long emails about pigs with pink lips! Gimmee a break!

I actually went in search of the opposite view on my own, and found the same junk. And I'm still waiting for that October surprise the Republicans threatened to reveal. The GOP is famous for last minute dirty tricks--watch for them.

Note to robo-callers: You can take my name off your list--I've already voted.

If you've been enjoying my blog for Obama, please forward it to your friends.

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