October 07, 2008

Moose and Goose, 15 minutes of shame

Moose and Goose-I am literally sick of these two. I'm so glad their 15 minutes of shame are about up. I'm even starting to look at Cindy with new eyes. What's with her? How can she stand behind McCain and smile while he's lying? Does she want to be first lady that bad? Does she love power more than her country?
And what about all this Country First stuff?
Is lying putting our country first?

Is hiding his cancer with makeup, hoping we won't notice putting our country first? That cancer isn't that far from his brain, you know. I'm not being mean. We have to talk about this. It's time to get real. The welfare of our country is at stake.

Was saying he was going to Washington to fix the economy, then doing nothing once he got there putting our country first?

One of the last insults, when he said he was turning the page on the economy, was just too much. He doesn't care about us. He doesn't care about this country. He just cares about himself. SHAME!

Watch the debate tonight!

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