October 28, 2008

Barbara West

7 more days!

Barbara West, the newscaster from a television station in Orlando, Florida, is non-repentant and smug about her interview questions to Joe Biden yesterday. I guess it's easy to feel comfortable without your integrity when you're already wading in a GOP cesspool, and everyone in it stinks as much as you do. I tried to watch the whole interview on the Internet, but I started to gag and had to bail out. I assume the whole interview was there--I'll never know!

Wiser intellects than she have already said that what Obama wants to do is not Marxist, yet I keep getting emails about Marxism and communism. I guess it's all they've got. That and that email about Obama not having a birth certificate. Mercy!

As long as she stays at the tv station she's at now, I guess she'll be okay, but I don't think any reputable broadcast station would hire her.

If you've been reading this blog and enjoy it, please forward it to a few friends. It's my little gift to Obama and our country. It ain't much, but it's all I've got!

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