September 04, 2008

Drain the swamp!

My canna
My Aunt Vera had cannas around her home, so I planted some in her memory this spring. Aunt Vera is in most of my books. She was a real character! I have been noticing bats around the house for the first time, and I'm wondering if it's the cannas that are attracting them...eeek! Bats and I have an unfriendly history.

The Republican Convention--Sarah Palin did rock the house, eh?

What else I liked:

The idea of going to Washington to drain the swamp. This could be done by either party, just do it!

Giuliani's speech

What I didn't like:

The chanting. It hits me as primitive, and frightening. John Adams said, "A mob is no less a mob just because it's with you."

The suggestion that Al Gore should park his private plane. And do what, ride with us? In this age of terrorism, no way do I want to be on a plane with a high profile politician.

Quote du jour:
"Michelle Obama for First Lady!"

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