September 15, 2008

Alaska's Snow Dummy

©Janelle Meraz Hooper, Alaskan fishing floats

The Republicans--they do it to us every time, and every time it works. How dumb can we be? For how long? By inserting Palin, they have moved the focus from their bad candidate and their unacceptible doctrine to their Alaskan Snow Dummy. And we have allowed it.

We must force the focus back onto the issues: the war, the economy, healthcare, abortion rights, education, and the rest.

Forget Sarah Palin. Don't get sucked in by the Republicans and Rove again.

Quote du jour:
“The biggest lie you have been told is that you have no power to change the world, but the biggest secret is why, when you realise this, you don’t get up off your backside and do something about it.” David Southwell, Secrets and Lies
(David is British)

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David.Southwell said...

I am honoured by the use of my words. Strangely enough I am writing about the Witchfinder General Palin today.