September 23, 2008

Get off my TV!

© Janelle Meraz Hooper, 2007
Wall Street crisis—So, how does it feel to owe at least $7,000 more than you did last week? That’s just an estimate. If you’ve ever gotten an estimate for car and home repairs, you know how far off an estimate can be. I say, throw them all out, the Republicans and Democrats. Then what? I don’t know…ask Sarah Palin. She knows it all.

My computer printout says we‘re short about 2676.4 trillion. The two biggest debts are owed to Japan and China. I got an email that explained it this way: China has one of our balls in its hand, and Japan has the other.

What do you think we can say now about lead in our toys from China? Toxins in our food? What if they get mad and call the debts? What then? We are no longer in a position of power.

On my TV:
An ad for Morgan Stanley. Below their banner, it said: World Wise. Yeah. Right. Get off my TV.

On NPR radio: “This is a disaster. It may be manmade. But it’s a disaster nonetheless.” Unknown caller

Quote du jour:

“No one can earn a million dollars honestly. “ William Jennings Bryan

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