February 05, 2007

Ya can't make a baker from hash browns...

Missin' Oklahoma, JMH, all rights reserved
So now the produce industry wants us to set up federal oversight to assure buyers that fresh produce is safe. How pesky of consumers to be unwilling to forget that spinach contaminated with E. coli bacteria killed three people and sickened nearly 200 last year!
Why don’t they just do their job? Grow healthy food. Why does our government have to bail out every sloppy businessman who screws up?
If this goes through, I want a government overseer in my office the next morning, to make sure that I am conducting my business with integrity.
C’mon! Those people knew they had a serious problem and they tried to cover it up…at the expense of innocent people. Now, it’s hurting them in their pocketbook, so they’re taking notice. I’d rather eat cake.

Presidential hopefuls-I’ve lost track of the Hopeless Hopefuls. Except for Biden. I remember him from last time. He’s definitely not an Idaho baker! He is small potatoes all the way. Heck. He’s beyond that—he’s hash browns.

Custer and His Naked Ladies-It’s finished and is in the permission stage at the moment. Ya’ll don’t miss it! It’s a winner!

Quote du Jour:
“I’ll never be strong like Popeye…my mom refuses to buy the spinach that comes in the can.” My organic gardener friend’s son at six.

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