February 14, 2007

Listen to your Font Fairy!

copyright, JMH

2-14-07-The photo above was taken from my files. I used to be an organic gardener. The berries were in my back pasture.
Kids- What's wrong with our kids? So far, this month, we've had Gonzaga University basketball players--on a full ride scholarship--caught with drugs! Now that's got to warm the cockles of their parents' hearts. Then, there were the students from the Air Firce Academy who cheated during a test using the text messaging feature on their phones. Somebody needs to be slapped--on their way out the door. McDonald's is thataway, podner...although, I don't even think McDonald's would want these guys.
Font Fairy-Some of you are still not reading your messages from the Font Fairy. This is cyberspace, folks! You can use a font bigger than a size two!
More later--I'm out of time! I spent all morning converting to the new Google format. Oy! I swear, the Internet Gods are playing with me...

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