June 05, 2006

Meaner than a rattlesnake and dumber than adobe...

©2006 Dick Hooper

Photo note: There are four turtles here. Not three. Okay, it was A Four-Turtle Summer, and Grace had to dump a man who was meaner than a rattlesnake and dumber than adobe...

6-05-06-How low can he go? A failure at everything presidential, President Bush is now trying deflect attention from his many, many failures, stir up some right Christian anger, and get his fellow Republicans re-elected to office. Never mind that he’s dividing the country even further. People, it’s crunch time, why don’t those guys—both sides—get down to work and get something done? People are being killed in the streets—and I mean here—not in Iraq. Children are hungry; according to MSNBC, 29% of our children are hungry. That’s pitiful! Jobs are few and low-paying. Add to that: immigration problems, corruption, and healthcare woes. And more. Why are we so dumb?! Let’s throw these bums out! Let’s elect someone who can do the job!

Quote du jour:

"Yes, it’s hard to write, but it’s harder not to.” Carl Van Doren

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