June 01, 2006

Do the French make wine or sour grapes?

The author, in a A Three-Turtle Summer

Lance Armstrong-An independent investigation has exonerated Lance Armstrong of any drug use in the 1999 Tour de France. Again. I thought the French made wine? It sounds like they’re just making sour grapes.

Bono-News clips of Bono in Africa recently have reported that residents of Mali, in Northwest Africa, are growing organic cotton to send to market. I wonder if they’ve ever tried to market those beautiful fabrics they make? I’d buy some!

Custer and His Naked Ladies-I’m still working towards my October first deadline. It’s getting crowded in my tiny office. So much so, that I’ve enlisted my ironing board for another table. Oh, well, it’s used for little else!

In the mail- As I writer, I love and honor all language. The Comanche Language and Preservation Committee has a dictionary out that is terrific. It has Comanche to English and English to Comanche sections. Price $34.00 which includes shipping and handling. They also have other language materials in a varied price range, some come with a CD to help with pronunciation. Contact them:
Comanche language and Cultural Preservation Committee
P. O. Box 3610
Lawton, Oklahoma 73502-3610

(Pst! I wonder if they have a website?)

Quote du jour:
In my emails : “Early to bed and early to rise, work like hell and advertise!” unknown

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