March 09, 2006

Nigerian spam from Canada?

Yellow cherries, © 2005 Dick Hooper

3-09-06-Dick took this photo of yellow cherries in Portland--eventually, they were to become marichino cherries. Wouldn't this photo be great in a kitchen?

Gone-I’ve been gone for awhile. I was working on a project for charity that didn’t pan out. I’ll think of another one…I did, however, get a kick out of discovering that, for once, it wasn't my brain that was holding up the parade, but my computer equipment.

On the web- An ad suggesting that if I add $50 more (?) I could get free next business day delivery (office depot)...
ReNew Orleans-Have you ordered your ReNew Orleans tee-shirt yet? Come on, never too many tee-shirts!

Whatcha’ Readin’?-The Da Vinci Code-I was so proud last weekend. The Sunday paper reported that, on the Pacific Northwest Best-Seller list, The Da Vinci Code was way down to #5! My little heart could hardly stop thumping…on the New York Times Best-Seller list, it’s #3. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the only book they have in New York City…
Rant-Summer styles- In the Sunday paper, I found another photo of tacky clothing that could destroy a girl’s esteem: a tee-shirt on a boy proclaiming: Sister missing her brain—No reward! She’s beyond help! Ha-ha. Thank you. JC Penney, for that insensitive message.
Nigerian Spam- I don’t get much of it anymore, most of it is automatically filtered out now. I miss it. Before they stopped, they began to get comical. I received Nigerian spam letters from Spain, England, and France. The last one, from Canada, was hysterical. Do they think we’re too dumb to check out the address? Anyway, I kept imagining this roly-poly Nigerian woman with a multi-colored turban, big earrings, and a gaily-printed dress sitting on a big pile of snow in the Yukon…her laptop propped up on a pair of moose antlers…with the moose still wearing them.
Dana Reeve-We lost Dana Reeve this week. We all know that life isn’t fair, but Dana didn’t have a chance. She deserved better. Oh, could that girl sing!
Quote du jour:
“It’s not the doing of things, but the being that counts.” Christopher Reeve

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