October 27, 2012

Have you registered to vote?

In many parts of our country people have already voted. I read about a fellow writer who was going to put his I Voted! sticker on his door so that maybe the doorbellers would leave im alone. I put mine on my phone but it didn't work. I hope you'll be sure to get your vote in as early as possible in case of bad weather. Or a flat tire. Or a talkative relative stops by. You never know what can happen at the last minute.
If it seems like I'm nagging it's just because this vote is so important. Not only is it important to re-elect Obama, it's important for another reason: We must not let big business get away with buying this election! If we do, it'll set a dangerous precedent for the future. Ronald Reagan said once that, if we're not cautious, we could lose this country in a decade. We must not be smug and careless about what we have here.
I'm going to add the latest message from Ms. Silent Nomore before I post:
For those of you who haven't decided who you are voting for...a summary.
Some very important things to consider:
1...On the night of the Inaugeration, there was a very important meeting with many primary "players" of the Republican Party. At this meeting, the single most important goal for the next 4 years was decided on---to stop Obama from having a second term. The way to do this would be...to NEVER agree on anything that was proposed by either the Senate or the House that would give Obama any credit for a second term.
This resulted in over 40--60 filibusters in the Senate (this level of obstruction was the most in our history); a similar effort in the House by the Republican minority was stopped with the majority control of the House for the first 2 years. But, for anything to pass and become a law, BOTH parts of Congress had to compromise--that DID NOT HAPPEN. WHEN WE WERE IN THE DEEPEST PART OF OUR RECESSION, THESE TACTICS WERE STILL EMPLOYED!! In my opinion, when a political party decides to put a political agenda ahead of the welfare of this country---this is called...treason. Think about it.
2...The candidate for President of the Republican Party, during the primaries, did all he could think of, to earn the ire (and some stronger words) of all the other candidates because of the tactics he used to win primaries.
3...Now, that same candidate, for these many months has employed ...lying and distortion at almost every stump speech; changing his policies so often that his true policies are yet to be determined; at the debates...becoming so ambiguous with regard to his policies, that NO ONE COULD FIGURE OUT WHERE/WHAT HE STOOD FOR.
4...Yet, he does have a party platform...the Republican Party Platform...the traditional one that has not changed from the Bush years...these ideas were the same ones that caused this mess. And he intends to repeat them. Only they are more radical now.
5...The choice is very clear...Romney or President Obama--the President whose integrity and moral courage has kept us going as a country and changed the world's opinion of us for the better.
Most cordially,
Ms. Silent Nomore
Hear, hear! Thanks, Ms. Nomore! (I've had some questions about this contributor. Some think it is just me. It is not.)


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