October 24, 2012

Election alert from Ms. Silent Nomore!

I've heard talk that Romney knew he couldn't win the debate--thier strategy was just to stay alive! What I'd like to see is a debate between Romney and Donald Trump. I think they're equally clueless!
Meanwhile, I've had another email from Silent Nomore:

ELECTION ALERT!! While everyone is concentrating on the one-liners and the fact that Romney almost became Obama last night by pretty much agreeing with most of his foreign policy ideas...there is one thing that few people are talking about.

   Romney showed last night, and in fact, all through this election cycle, that he really isn't interested in foreign policy!! Reality check!! The area of foreign policy is the one area that our president has control!!!! We know from recent history when our president really doesn't care, or doesn't really know as much as he should about the world---aka.George Bush---this means that a vacumn exists where  people who have their own agendas can rush in and INFLUENCE HIS DECISIONS. THIS IS HOW WE GOT THE MOST DISASTEROUS FOREIGN POLICY MESS IN A GENERATION---2 WARS AND THE HATRED OF MOST OF THE WORLD.

   And now, of the 24 members of Romney's foreign policy advisor team, 17 ARE REPEATS OF BUSH'S OLD TEAM!

This is a disaster just waiting to happen. IF YOU HAVEN'T VOTED YET...THINK ABOUT THIS.  Unless you liked what we have just suffered through.

 Very Corially,

Ms. Silent Nomore

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