October 26, 2012

Another visit from Ms. Silent Nomore!

We're burning daylight here--have you voted yet? Please do!
October 24, 2012
THAT was Donald Trump's October Surprise? That's all he's got? For one, I don't want to see the Harvard transcripts of President Obama's grades. Good grief, the man was president of the Harvard Law Review. I'm sure he's smart enough! What is really going on here is that Trump is willing to pay over 5 million dollars for media attention. The man is embarrassing!

October 23, 2012
Oh, boy. Donald Trump is promising a big October Surprise about Obama tomorrow. He's a big birther. Wonder where he'll say Obama is from this time? No matter. We all know that Trump is from Genosha (I threw that in for all you Marvel Comic fans.).

Another visit from Ms. Silent Nomore. I'm not sure but she appears to be from Washington State:
For all voters that have initiatives on the ballot to approve a 2/3 vote by state legislatures to raise taxes...THIS IS REAL SCARY! A closer look at these iniatives reveals that the 2/3 majority will be used only to stop loopholes and capital gains taxes from being closed and taxed. IT DOES NOT PREVENT FEES FROM BRING CHARGED! What does this mean?! Only people who benefit from capital gains income and loopholes....the top 1% will benefit from this 2/3 majority to limit taxes. The rest of us can have fees leveled on us. In other words...these last years of recession, when we needed our legislature to spend more money by helping the most needy of us, they could not close loopholes and tap tax loopholes that would have helped. They could only raise fees on the rest of us!!  


 Very cordially,
Ms. Silent NoMore
I'm not versed in this initiative so will have to take her word for it. I think she must have found me on the Internet...good to have her aboard! Janelle


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