April 02, 2009

Bears in the Hibiscus

Kindle cover, Rare Arts

My new romance- Bears in the Hibiscus, is now on Kindle! Thank you, everyone who helped with this project!

Politics-How about our President Obama and First Lady Michelle? Woo-hoo! The magic is back!
Ole Bernie-How's he doing today? What are they serving for lunch over there in the big house? I hear they keep confiscating millions and millions that he thought he'd hidden. How does that song go? You can't run from the long arm of the law?

Bush et all-I hear some of our past elected officials better not travel abroad--they may be arrested for war crimes. Will someone send those guys a travel catalog?

Amazon-I'm waiting for delivery of a whole stack of books. My UPS man and Bezos make such a nice couple.

Quote du jour:

"One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter." Die Another Day, movie

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