March 24, 2009

New, improved cover!

Cover art:
Book design:

Kindle Project-For those of you producing a book to put on Amazon's Kindle, take note of the two resources below my new cover. Believe me, it will make your life so much easier. There is also a helpful book on Kindle Graphics: Graphics On The Kindle by Manuel Burgos (Rare Arts). If you're an author and don't know about the 16 shades of gray, get this book!

After days of trying to get this project done on my own, I turned to these two sources. They improved the design and readibility of my book immensely. I thank them from the bottom of my heart.

Bernie Madoff-I didn't get my wish. They didn't send Ole Bernie to a regular prison. But at least, they sent him to prison.

AIG-I feel so much better about them after their name change to AIU, don't you? It should have been changed to AOU (America Owns Us). Those greedy stinkers.

Republicans-When will they catch up with the rest of the nation? They are so out of touch they need a ladder to pick flowers.

Obama-I love the example he's setting for the rest of the nation's fathers. Taking time off to be with his family for his girls' spring break is fabulous! I am very impressed.

On my TV- I have just discovered Boston Legal (I'm always about three years behind the trend when it comes to TV shows because they have to compete with the History Channel and baseball). I love it! William Shatner is such a delight. His sidekick, James Spader, is also wonderful, but the whole cast shines. What fun to see Candice Burgen more often!

On my bed table- I've been researching old westerns. They are so bad, I won't list them here. But the American West is a new passion of mine. Along with Lawrence of Arabia. I have a lot of new books on order from that www place that is named after a jungle. So I'll be reading some more of the newer bestsellers. I have to order paperbacks instead of Kindle books because of a complicated gift card purchase I made from a relative.

Quote du jour:
"Never pass up a good beach!" Janelle Meraz Hooper (Inspired from my new romance.)
Read sample pages from my new book:

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