March 02, 2009

Rainbow Bookfest is gone for another year

The Rainbow Bookfest in Seattle, celebrating writers of color, came and went on Saturday. I love these events. I always meet such wonderful people and learn so much. This time, I took time away from my book-selling table to visit with other authors, take a class on zines (what a wonderful, creative art form!), and listened to a lecture on Woman at War (in Columbia and other South American locations).
I even bought a book that was so beautiful I couldn't resist it, even though it is in Spanish. It's loaded with wonderful color art plates and even has a CD tucked into the back. I have no idea what the cd says, but the whole book it is so beautifully produced: Cantares de un Alma Gitana, by Maria Nelida Mendoza. If you get a chance, give it a look. There was no website listed on the book, but they must have one.

I did release my new romance, Bears in the Hibiscus in an advance copy format. The final is yet to come. I tweaked too long. I always do.

Obama's speech last week- I'm still waiting for that Harvard Online Catalog so I can get that extra year of education that our President wants me to have. In the meantime, as a back-up, I've found some interesting alternatives in the local adult education class schedule: Aerospace Composite Mechanic looks promising, as does: Accounting spreadsheets (I can add 2 plus 2 and get 22 everytime, as my daughter says), American sign language (with my crooked, arthritic fingers, this should be really interesting), Welding and metal skills---well, you get the idea. Seriously, I really did find one I liked: How to make it in voice-overs. I had a radio show years ago, but everything has changed since then. I could really use this.

Have to go. I'm way behind. No time to edit. Send corrections to:

Quote du jour:
"Be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning, the devil says, "Oh crap, she's up!" courtesy of my daughter, Chanel Studebaker

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