April 22, 2009

Confusion among the masses (all 2 of them)

Title Trouble- On some book sites, the title of one of my latest novels may read: Custer and His N**ked Ladies. I guess it's triggering some kind of porn filter. Oy! People! Naked Ladies are a flower in Oklahoma--and a metaphor in the book. I can't tell you more because it will spoil the surprise. While I'm at it, Custer isn't that Custer--he died in a miscount years ago...

Fox News- I've heard that Fox News keeps referring to Caesar Chavaz as a dictator. Not so! He was elected. It's all in the details, Fox. Get some.

Bernie- What's Ole Bernie having for lunch over in the big house? Has anybody heard?

Quote du jour:
"Anything worth having is worth cheating for." W. C. Fields, My Little Chickadee (unless, of course, your name is Bernie Madoff)

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