March 01, 2007

God doesn't put labels on heads

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3-01-07-The photo is old. I just saw the film of the tornado at Enterprise, Alabama on the news, so I won’t whine about not being able to get out to take new photos because of our cold weather.

Britney Spears-I guess Britney Spears has started a new, bald trend among some of her admirers. I won’t be one of them. It takes a lot of confidence to shave a head that hasn’t been seen since birth and believe you’ll feel good about what you see when the hair hits the floor. I’m old enough to know better. God only made a few perfect heads and he didn’t label them. With my luck, my head looks like a cauliflower underneath all my blond (with lots of help) hair. I wonder if Britney has noticed that she doesn’t look so good either? I can just hear her little wheels turn: “I know! I’ll get a big tattoo and cover it up…” Can’t someone help that poor girl before we lose her like we did Anna Nicole Smith? She’s just a kid…

Quote du jour:
Harry Zimm: “I once asked this literary agent what writing paid the best, and he said, ‘Ransom notes.’”
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