March 12, 2007

"I don't want to be dead..."

Cover photo for
As Brown As I Want
The Indianhead Diaries
Come see me!
April 26 (Thursday), 2007, 6:30-8:30 PM Chloe Park Elementary School
1700 Palisade Blvd., Dupont, WA
3-12-07-I’ve had questions about the cover photo on my book As Brown As I Want, The Indianhead Diaries. The photo really is of me and my cousin. The book was mislabeled from the get-go because I didn’t fully understand the genres when I published. It is not fiction, but more correctly, fictional autobiography. As is A Three-Turtle Summer. I guess the publisher assumed it was fiction because it’s a humorous book about my father trying to murder me for the insurance money. I was just ahead of the trend—there’s a lot of that going around lately. Not all of us live our childhoods like The Beaver.
So, why, you may ask, is the book funny? I don’t know…except that maybe it’s because he’s gone and I’m still here! Brown as a finalist in the 2004 Oklahoma Book Awards).
My next book- Custer and His Naked Ladies, is all fiction, except for the endearing personalities of my mother and aunts. This is because after I grew up, my real life became very dull (even though wonderful!). I didn’t think the reader could bear the boring truth. So, for the last book in the Turtle Trilogy, I gave Glory a hunky Indian, a fabulous night on a buffalo rug, and surprises that I don’t want to give away. Don’t miss it! It’s a hoot!
Spring-With the first day of spring coming up next week, it seemed appropriate to make sure I was ready for warmer weather. In other words, did my swimsuit still fit? The question used to be a lot more complex.
In my teens, the question was: can I get out of the store with it after Mom sees it?
In college, it was: do I really need a forty dollar swimsuit to go rafting down the Wenatchee River with an ice chest full of beer tied to a rubber raft?
As a young Army wife, it was: can I wear this suit in a pool full of young recruits without a tee shirt over it?
Ah, those were the days. Yes. The swimsuit still fits. That part was simple. But where the heck is my snorkel?
Reality-Today, I feel guilty about writing about something as frivolous as a swimsuit. I keep having a vision of our forefathers daring to rebel against England. What did they have that we don’t have? Why aren’t we marching on Washington? When did we become so law-abiding (read: afraid)? And, if we are going to tolerate this president who makes the Wizard of Oz look like a genius, what’s to become of us? How much more trouble can this guy get us into in the months he has left? One shudders to consider the possibilities!
On my bed table-a stack of unopened boxes (I've been out of town), including Voncille Shipley’s first mystery, Left For Dead. Can’t wait to open it!
On my TV- Pullllleeese! If it weren’t for the cable history and science shows, I’d only be watching Keith Olbermann. ABC, CBS, and NBC seem to be in a race to see how low they can go…and I predict a tie.
On my DVD machine-Crossroads, Images of the Colville Valley, 1800-1850. It features journals, artwork, and music from the period of contact in the Inland Northwest. Get your copy at MAC (the Museum of Art and Culture) in Spokane.
quote du jour:
"I don't want to be dead, but what can I do? If Dad wants to kill me, he'll kill me. After all, I'm just a kid."--Glory, in As Brown As I Want, The Indianhead Diaries

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