March 18, 2007

"Yesterday, you really ticked me off..."

I'm not even going to bother to copyright this--ya'll have at it!

3-18-07-Finally! A new photo. It’s not much, but it’s the only thing blooming in my yard right now. I never got around to pruning my hydrangeas last summer. Maybe I could go out and spray the dry blooms blue.

On my CD player-Tony Bennett’s Duets- I dunno. Lately I’ve had a craving for music with lyrics that I can understand. Movies with plots. Books with characters. They seem to be few and far between.

On my bed table-Nothing! I’ve misplaced my new copy of Voncille Shipley’s Left For Dead. I had set aside today to read it as a reward for editing Custer all week. I have gone nuts trying to look under the bed, bed table, couch, coffee table, etc. and it isn’t easy from a wheelchair. I really hate it when I drop things! Whatever it is always rolls out of reach. Ha!

Quote du jour:
“I love you more today than yesterday…yesterday you really ticked me off…” catalog humor (unknown)

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