January 17, 2007

Is Kia made in Germany?

The snow has stayed too long
photo by JMH

I'll try to post a picture later--everyone except that guy in the big White House must be on the Internet this morning (I don't think the Big W reads. Maybe we could show him some pictures).
01-17-07-The war: Is there anyone we haven’t attacked yet? Why is no one screaming? Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia…Canada better look out!

On my TV-I must have been in a fog. My husband was the first to notice the background music to the new Kia ad. They’re playing So Long, Farewell, from The Sound of Music! Has Madison Avenue lost its creative brains? Has Kia lost its corporate mind? What’s up?! What’s next? BMW designing ads with the Flower Drum Song theme song in the background?

On Warrior (my computer)-Someone is confused about blessing of cyberspace. You see, guys, the page never ends. You can go on forever—for free—no stamps needed! So why is everyone from my editor to my HMO using such small fonts?! I’ve gotten email messages so small that I had to scan the messages, enlarge the font, and print them before I knew what they said. Knock it off!

My readers- I’m thinking of getting a world map so I can track where my readers come from. Some of them email me directly and come from countries like The Philippines, UK, Italy, Nigeria (Okay, that was one of those scam letters. Maybe it doesn't count), and Canada.

Quote du jour:
“Forbidden fruits create many jams.” Unknown

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