January 06, 2007

Big soup!

2006 Christmas tree...

1-6-06-I had to bail out before I finished my thoughts about too much salt in our childrens' diets at last post. You see, my husband cooks big. BIG. I heard a distress call from the kitchen because he couldn't find enough plastic lids for the containers to put the Spanish chicken soup I'd asked him to make for dinner. After we each had a big bowl, he put away 26 (!) cartons of soup. What did he boil the water in, our hot tub?! But it is delish; I have it so good around here. The freezer is always filled with homemade chili con carne, chicken noodle soup, spaghetti, etc. How perfect for a writer!

Anyway, I'm sure we'll have lots of guidance on this salt thing. We'd better. It's bad enough that we're messing up our own health.

Quote du jour:
"The more you do, the more you can do." Thomas Jefferson

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