October 15, 2013

...sometimes, Naked Ladies are just old women in capri pants...

FYI: Naked Ladies!
Dear readers, it came to my attention yesterday that there has been concern about the content of some eBooks. I want to assure you that my novel, Custer and His Naked Ladies, is not an erotic book. I agree the title is unfortunate, but where I come from in Oklahoma, Naked Ladies are a type of flower that suffers--and even dies--if it is moved. I used it for a metaphor about old women being hesitant to leave their homes to go far away to live with their grown children. Of course, there's a little romance in the story--I am a romance writer, after all--but I would put this book firmly in the literary field. Please email me with questions. My email in some places is wrong. Please write to me here:

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